How To Know When You Need Licensed Roofing Contractors In Raleigh NC

There are lots of signs that the roof on your home is either failing or has developed serious issues that put it at risk of ongoing structural damage. Among these are lost shingles, buckling and curling shingles, and moisture spots on the walls or ceilings at the building interior. At RiCal Construction, we think it’s important for homeowners to know when it’s time to hire licensed roofing contractors in Raleigh NC.

If you can survey your roof from an elevated position, look for separation along the roof valleys and exposed metal flashing. Both of these are indications that the roof has reached the end of its lifespan. If the roof feels soft or bouncy when pressure is applied to its surface, this indicates serious structural damage as well.

Another sign that roofs are nearing the ends of their lifespans is the loss of shingle granules. This is something that you can detect from the ground. Simply look at the base of your downspouts to see if there are shingle granules being deposited here. Once shingles lose these coatings, they are no longer able to effectively and reliably protect the roofing substrate.

When granules are lost, your roof may look like it has dark patches. These dark areas could be an indication of moss or black mold development. Sometimes, scheduling a roof inspection is the only way to get an accurate diagnosis. Homeowners should also always schedule inspections after especially heavy storms and after impact-related damages. For instance, if a tree limb falls on your home, contact a qualified roofer right away.

During our roof inspections, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about what your repair options are. If replacement is necessary, we can give you a breakdown of the average roof replacement cost, as well as a few tips for keeping your spending under control. Given just how important this protective structure is, it’s always important to contact licensed professionals whenever you have concerns about its integrity.

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