Learn Common Problems That Require Professional Raleigh Roof Leak Inspection And Repair

Seeing an unsightly brown patch on your ceiling is extremely disturbing. Sometimes, water may break through and force you to rush for buckets and catch water before it floors your rooms. You may not know what exactly happened to your roofs because some leakage problems are here to identify without expert inspections and timely renovations. Luckily, the rest of this post outlines the most common type of leakage problems that require professional Raleigh roof leak inspection and repair.

Pipe Boot Failure

A boot refers to roof flashing that roofers set at the bottom of the pipes that come out of the roofs for efficient waterproofing. Property owners likely identify failed boots around pipes as one of the most common causes of roof leakage. These boots do not always last as long as roofs can do as they are vulnerable to various environmental and structural factors. We advise you to contact an experienced roofing contractor to inspect and let you know if they need any repairs to prevent leakage. We install a rubber collar over damaged neoprene pipe boots to stop or avert leakage on the roofs.,

Inappropriately Driven Nails

The other common cause of roof leakages is the backing of nails from shingles. Such a problem occurs when roofers fail to drive a nail far enough or drive it sideways, which causes the nail to pop up through roofing shingles. Water collects around the head and comes down the roofing as it follows the nail during rainy seasons. We always check how the nail was driven to correct any faults during roof storm damage repair and seal the shingles to stop further leakage.

Poorly Installed Skylights

Over the years, skylights have earned a bad perception, and many property owners think they will always leak. The secret is choosing models that come with an extended guarantee to serve you for long without any issues. However, it is important to note that the major cause of skylight is improper installation, especially when installers fail to understand or follow the manufacturer’s installation manual. Fortunately, we can easily repair the skylights by installing water and ice shield to prevent costly replacement expenses.

Chimney Problems

Chimney can leak due to issues such as those affecting the metal flashing surrounding it or structural problems with the brick and mortar joints. Leakage on the chimney directs water into the walls around your fireplace, and the chimney cap leaks and pours water into the fireplace. Contact reliable roofing contractors near me to reinstall the flashing around chimneys and apply a water repellant seal around it. We always encourage siding repair if the inspection team identifies problems.

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